Chris Brown Portraits

Impressionist portraits with color and movement
in several styles.

Chris can be reached at:     and     484-888-0136

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The artist is on the right.
28" X 33"

29" X 32"




29" X 32"

Old Man with A Pipe
39" X 48"


The Qoro Fine Arts Gallery
web page:
including a short biography
of the artist


a typical underdrawing
32" X 31"



Buddhist Nun
26" X 44"


The artist's mother at 19
38" X 32"

Hawaiian Shrimp Farmer
36" X 48"

from a photo by his
baby granddaughter
35" X 37"

Nike Santa
27" x 36.5"

33" X 42"

23" X 35"



an old family photo



the portrait






Best Friends after The Mud Fight
31" X 34"

23" X 33"



Just Married
32" X 43"

99th Birthday
with his graddaughter
32" X 38"

30" X 34"

Mrs. Claus
27" X 34"

27" X 36"

75 X 95 cm"

34" X 36"


78 X 90 cm

57 X 85 cm

68 X 85 cm
in progress

63 X 85 cm

85 X 85 cm



father with daughter's portrait
32" X

30" X 34"

Steven's mother
28" X 36"



Augie's Numbered Days
17" X 22"

29" X 31"

71 X 85 cm
in progress

photo with zink oxide

60 X 90 cm

a detail

budding philosopher
80.5 X 85 cm

67 X 90 cm

65 X 85 cm

69 X 85 cm


59 X 85 cm

64 X 85 cm

Taiwan student

29" X 32"

A Wonderful Dad

S t a t e m e n t
Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother Theo expressed it best:
"I always feel confident when I am doing portraits, knowing that that work has much more depth - it isn't the right word, perhaps, but it is the thing that enables me to cultivate whatever is best and deepest in me. Altogether it is the only thing in painting which moves me to the depths, and which more than anything else makes me feel the infinite."     Arles, c. 1888

I would only add that painting people who I know seems to give rise to more expression. Using acrylics and canvas without stretchers allows me to paint while traveling.

Commission a Portrait
An impressionist portrait is a one-of-a-kind treasure that your family will enjoy for generations. I can work from an old family photograph or from a combination photographs that I take of you and life sitting. We would begin with a meeting to discuss your wishes and the painting technique to be used. Your portrait will be painted on heavy canvas in acrylic paints and will be about 32" by 36" in size. We will consult each other at several points and you will be shown the progress several times. It will take about six weeks from the beginning until the portrait is finished. We will then select a suitable frame for the canvas. Framing takes about two weeks.
I work in the greater Philadelphia, Wilmington, Atlantic City and Baltimore areas. An impressionist portrait this size costs $4,000. A reduced amount would apply if the time and materials are less. The fee for the visits varies with the travel time and distance. The cost of the frame will be according to your choice.
25% of the cost of the painting is due prior to the first visit.
25% is due at the first visit.
The balance, including travel cost, is due four weeks after the first visit.

Chris Brown lives in southern Chester Country, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware.

All images are copywrited 1996-2012 by Chris Brown and may not be borrowed, reprinted, or reproduced in any manner. All rights reserved.